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For Travel Insurance Claims, Lost Luggage Claims,
Trip Cancellation Claims, Flight Cancellation Claims or others:


Report ALL Claims to your insurance company FIRST!
All companies have 24/7 claim assistance or call centers. Some companies provide claim forms online or via email


Please refer to your insurance ID card or policy for contact information and claims porovedures.
Most often, your insurance company will require:

Details of the claim, including dates, desctription and copies of receipts.
NOTE: Some companies require claims to be translated into English
and converted to U S dollars.

It is recommended that you call your company and discuss their requirements.
If, after you have contacted the company, you are not satisfied with the results,
please call us with the information noted above.
We will assist you in processing your claim.
Click on "Contact Us" for more information.

In the U.S., call us at 800.606.6580
Overseas, call us at 00.1.312.310.6030.

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